Joy shared with others are more enjoyed.
Why do people want to meet with each other face-to-face,
If they can use social medias and webcams?
Why do people want to play board games,
When they can choose video games?

When we were kids,
We gather with friends and play toys and games.
Now we’re grownups,
And we still crave for having fun with our friends.

Therefore, between autumn and winter in 2015, Taiwain,
We founded Play With Us Design (Mandarin: 玩聚設計)

We are dedicated to bringing back the amusing and touching moments of human interaction.
It is with this principle that we keep creating restlessly
So as to shed some warm colors into this cold society.

Now, come with us
And rediscover the touching moments
Of having fun (玩, wán) together (聚, jù)!