Animania – Adorkable Pack


 8+    3-5    5-15

“Just fights, no kills!” Delightful and funny, Animania sure would be the greatest pick for your party! In this boisterous competition, comes two charming animals — the Adorkable Shoebill and the Provoking Alpaca! Their high popularity makes them the target of hostility! The competition sure would be much more exciting than before!

*This is an expansion pack of Animania and cannot be played without the game.

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There are 2 different animal cards in this pack. Before the game starts, add the 2 cards to the animal cards so players may have more cards to draw or choose from.


Provoking Alpaca
When you play Attack 2 or Attack 3, your target deals 1 extra damage if they play any Attack card (not including Attack 3).


Adorkable Shoebill
At the end of a round, if there is a player (excluding yourself) holding only 1 point of Health, you can either restore 1 point of Health OR draw 1 Action card from your discarded pile to your hand.
→ Your niche can only be triggered once per round, no matter how many 1 HP players there are.
→ You cannot survive a fatal attack through your niche (you’re not a lizard!)

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