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Help your animal companion become the King of the Zoo!

ANIMANIA is a game that supports 3 to 5 players. It’s easy and quick to play, full of fun, and perfect for parties, but it requires a bit of scheming and strategy!

In this game, players move simultaneously, and the effects are summed up altogether. Command your animal to attack, defend, or heal, and if by the end of the game, you have the most Health, you’ll be the winner!

But be careful! If you accidentally kill someone, you’ll be despised by others and forced to quit the game!

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● English rulebook included
● Material: paper

Animal List Animal List Rulebook Rulebook


Weight (g)
Box & Contents216 ± 5
Size (mm)
Box133 * 80 * 40
Card70 * 55
Token20 (diameter)

Q. What’s the difference between “Lovely Penguin” and “Mischievous Fox”?
A. The contents are the same, only the covers are different. You may choose whichever cover you like!

Q. During a round, if a player is dead or eliminated, is their attack still effective?
A. Yes, it is. During the game, all players act simultaneously and the effects are summed up altogether. Therefore, one’s attack is still effective even if the player is eliminated during that round.

Q. If there are multiple victims and attackers in a round, who should be eliminated? Is there a more convenient way to judge?
A. Please follow these steps: Reveal Action Cards together → Each player flip/take/discard HP tokens according to the damage/healing points taken → If multiple players run out of HP tokens → Ask the victims, one by one, to point out the murderer among the attackers (the murderer deals the least damage) → The victim and the murderer quit the game together.

Q. Does Timid Hedgehog’s niche count as attack damage?
A. Timid Hedgehog’s niche is a passive skill and doesn’t count as attack damage. It’s only effective when someone successfully deals damage to him/her. That means if Timid Hedgehog doesn’t actively deal damage to the attacker, but the attacker dies because of Timid Hedgehog’s niche (reflect 1 damage to the attacker), Timid Hedgehog remains innocent and won’t be eliminated.

Q. If Naughty Monkey exchanges 2 players’ cards and someone dies because of it, who’s to blame?
A. No matter whose card it is originally, so long as the card is placed in front of you, it’s considered as being played by you. The elimination rule is still the same: the one who deals the least damage should quit the game.

Q. If Autotomous Lizard is considered the murderer and is eliminated, could he/she continue playing by their niche (survive the 1st fatal attack)?
A. No! You are the murderer, why would you think you could escape from justice?

Q. If Naughty Monkey wants to exchange Wise Owl’s card, but Wise Owl activates its niche and plays 2 cards, what would happen?
A. Naughty Monkey could choose 1 of the 2 cards played by the Wise Owl to exchange with another player’s card. After everyone reveals the cards in front of them, Wise Owl should pick 1 card to reveal, without looking at the card that’s been exchanged.

Q. If Mischievous Fox plays Defend or Heal 2, while someone plays Massive Attack, should Mischievous Fox take 1 damage?
A. Yes. Mischievous Fox’s niche only works on Attack cards with arrows. If someone plays Massive Attack, Mischievous Fox has no way to hide from the damage.