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Do you still remember the cute little girl from the short animation “Deathigner”? To answer the wish of many of her fans, the Little Girl finally dresses up herself and has her very first debut in Soulaween! Her coming would no doubt enlighten the festival of the Death School even more. Don’t just standing and staring, come in and enjoy Soulaween with the Little Girl!

*This is an expansion pack of Soulween and cannot be played without the game.

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In this expansion pack, there are 2 Character Cards of Little Girl and 6 Ribbon Tokens that correspond to the character. While playing the Standard Mode, shuffle the 2 Little Girl cards with other Character Cards for players to draw / choose from.

If you play as the Little Girl, put 3 of your Ribbon Tokens in any 3 cells on the mat. 1 cell can only hold 1 Token. After this is done, the game starts.

When putting a Soul Piece, both players can put in any cell on the mat as long as there’s no other piece on it. If there’s a Little Girl’s Token, simply cover the Token with the piece.

When reaping a set of 4 Soul Pieces, take 1 of your Ribbon Token from the mat as your victory point. As long as you collect 3 Ribbon Tokens, you win.

These cute Ribbons are victory points to the Little Girl, but to their opponent, the Ribbon is “trap”.

Whenever a Soul Piece steps on the Ribbon Token, it immediately belongs to the Little Girl. In no way can their opponent take it away.

Example: The Little Death forms a square with 4 Soul Pieces. Normally he can reap the pieces and collect a Cloth Token, but since 1 of the Piece steps on the Little Girl’s Token, the 1 Piece becomes the Little Girl’s belonging and therefore the Little Death cannot take it away.

Note::If both players play as the Little Girl, before the game starts, they take turn to put their Ribbon Tokens on the mat (but still, 1 cell holds only 1 Token). When all the Ribbon Tokens are put on the mat, the game starts. In addition, the Little Girl’s Tokens restrict only their opponent, therefore they can reap the 4 pieces if there’s only their Ribbon Token under the pieces. Still, if there are any of their opponent’s Ribbon Token under the 4 pieces, they cannot reap the pieces.

MŁODY GIERCOWNIK: Recenzja gry Soulaween The Little Girl (Polish)

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