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“Soulaween” is the most bustling festival at Death School!

The name derives from a proverb of the school, “Soul to win”, which means reaping souls to claim victory. Legend has it, that long ago at Death School there was an accident, causing souls to flee and disperse in chaos. The teachers and students took it as a race, competing the speed of recollecting souls, and solved the crisis of the realm of death. This year, Papa Death, Osiris, Hei & Bai Wuchang along with their trainees converge in “Soulaween”, with Teacher Vulture as their judge, are ready to engage in the rival of “reaping souls”……!

Soulaween is a 2-player board game that features simple yet tricky rules and variable player powers. During the game, each player acts as a trainee of the death god, whose goal is to reap the fleeing souls by “putting” and “flipping” the soul pieces. Whoever gets 3 sets of souls becomes the winner of “Soulaween”!

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● English rulebook included
● Materials: paper, wood, and microfiber

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Weight185 g
Dimensions133 × 80 × 40 mm

一棋入魂(1 盒), 雙管棋下(2 盒), 七棋連星(7 盒)


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