Vita Mors


 10+    3-6   15-30

Vitamors, a plagued kingdom, is filled with nothing but woes and desperation. The plague doctor, wearing a beak-like mask, tries to steal lives from the Grim Reapers, again and again, with great effort. Most of the time, his effort is all wasted under the Grim Reaper’s manipulation. However, those who come back to life still render hopes to the people of Vitamors.

VITA MORS is a card game featuring secret identity, partnerships, voting, and hand management. Everyone plays as a Grim Reaper, with the VITA-MORS coin in their hands, messes up with the plague doctor, and controls the destiny of the people in the kingdom Vitamors. Through voting and exercising privilege, players get to determine whether a character should live or die. At the end of the game, the one who makes the pattern of life and death the same as they wish, will eventually become the winner.

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● English rulebook included
● Materials:paper, eco-friendly metal

Additional information

Weight274 g
Dimensions133 × 80 × 40 mm

Game Flow

The player who has visited a doctor lately becomes the first host, takes the Round Token and the Plague Doctor Figure. The game is round based, and each round includes 3 phases: Plague Doctor’s Practice, Grim Reaper’s Judgment, and Final Sentence. The game proceeds for several rounds until someone completes his/her party’s mission and claims victory.

For detailed rules, please read the rulebook (PDF. Right-click to save)


La Gaceta de los Tableros (Spanish):Reseña Vita Mors
The Dice Tower:Vita Mors Review – with Tom Vasel


Weight (g)
Box & contents280 ± 5
Size (mm)
Box133 * 80 * 40
Card115 * 58.6
Token56.5 * 30
Metal coin25 (diameter)
Metal figure12.6 * 19.9 * 24.4

Q & A

Q. Do the metal figure and coins come with the game?
A. Yes. Both the metal figure and coins are part of the game, so they are included in the box.

Q. What’s a Pretender? Does a Pretender has abilities?
A. A Pretender is a character whose actual class (the color on the card-face) differs from their superficial class (the color on the card-back). Other than pretending to be someone else, pretenders have no abilities.

Q. How to recognize which deck a pretender comes from? If class matters in one’s mission, which one should count? The actual class or the superficial class?
A. On the top-left corner of each card-face, there’s a class mark to indicate which deck the character comes from. Basically, only the actual class counts, but there might be exception if the King’s ability is activated. Please check the Character’s Ability in the rulebook for more information.

Q. How to set the missions? Does there have to be a clown in each game?
A. Before starting the game, pick out the Clown’s mission card, and draw 2 other mission cards randomly (you may also choose 2 cards by your will if all of you reach consensus). There will always be the Clown’s mission card in each game, but there might not always be a Clown.

Q. What should I notice when using a Privilege token?
A. When it comes to your turn to exercise your privilege, you can either use 1 privilege token or not using any token at all.
You cannot use the privilege tokens against yourself.
Each round, each player and the plague doctor can only be targeted once.
If not specified, the used privilege tokens should be discarded at round end.

Q. If I’m “locked” by a privilege token, should I reveal my vote?
A. No. Please put your hand with the coin away from the table.

Q. If my vote is “reversed” by a privilege token, how do I reveal my vote?
A. There’s no written rule for how to reveal a reversed vote. However, we recommend that you open your hand as usual, showing the side you originally vote for, and then flip the coin to the other side in front of all the players.

Edition Info

Publication Date: May 29, 2020

  • Minor changes to the layout & color of the box.
  • Minor changes to the color of the character cards.
  • Renaming some of the missions.
  • The ability of the character “Clergy” is modified:
    1st ed.: No one can exercise privilege in this round.
    2nd ed.: If the clergy lives, no one can exercise privilege in the next round.