Pre-order period: ~ 10/20 SAT 23:59 (GMT+2)
Booth number: 5B110 (hallplan)
Pickup time: anytime during Spiel '18 (10/25-27 10am-7pm, 10/28 10am-6pm)

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ANIMANIA (Fox Cover)



Wonderland Xiii  €22

Hound + Sheep Dog

Hound + Sheep Dog  €10

ANIMANIA (Penguin Cover)





AVES  (Preorder/Add-on purchase only.) €13


Q. How to place an order?
A. Simply click on the "Add to cart" button under the game you'd like to order, and a PayPal cart will popup, adding the item to your cart! You may either proceed to checkout or continue adding other games to your cart. Your order will be confirmed only after you complete the payment.

Q. What should I show you to pick up my games?
A. You will receive an electronic receipt from PayPal after you complete the payment. You may print the receipt and bring it to us, or simply show us on your mobile device.

Q. Do I need to have a PayPal account to place an order?
A. No. As long as you have a credit card, you can place an order here.

Q. I saw it says "Preorder/Add-on purchase only." under AVES. What does it mean?
A. Since there are very little copies left for AVES, this item is restricted to be sold as an add-on product, and we won't bring more copies than the quantity being pre-ordered. In other words, please do NOT buy AVES if you don't order other items.

Q. I thought Hound and Sheep Dog are published by MOZI Games, and there is a pre-order page on their website. On which site should I place my order? Will it affect where I pick up the games?
A. No worries! We share the same booth with MOZI games at Spiel '18, so no matter on which site you place the order, you can always pick up your games at Booth #5B110.

Q. I still have questions that are not listed above.
A. Please click on the  on the bottom-right corner of the page or fill the contact form here. We'll get in touch with you ASAP!