Wonderland Xiii


 6+  15-30  2-4

WONDERLAND XIII is a light game involving risk management.

In this game, everyone plays as a librarian of the Dream’s Library, whose mission is to exploit the limited Keys and Spirits they have to bring more spirits back from the Wonderland. In order to do this, they have to watch their steps to the Wonderland carefully: which Spirit card should be played? Which deck should be explored? Which ability should be activated? All of the above matters! After deep consideration, leave the rest to your luck! If you succeed, you can bring back valuable spirits for sure…… but if you fail, all of your efforts would be useless, and all the spirits in your tunnel will fall into the endless darkness.

When the game ends, players score by the combination of spirits they have, and the one with the highest score becomes the best librarian of the Dream’s Library!

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● English rulebook included
● Materials: Paper, eco-friendly metal

The game starts from whoever had a dream lately, and continues in a clockwise order.
The turn player takes 2 Keys from the center of the Hall first, and do the following steps:

The game continues until the number of remaining decks matches the conditions to end the game. Until then, everyone sums up the scores they got, and the one with the highest score becomes the winner.

For more information, please read the rulebook. (PDF file. Right-click to download)

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